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Don't worry regarding locations!


It’s not always the most beautiful spots which’ll be the most beautiful locations for your photo session. Don’t waste too much time thinking of that. I always find nice spots around and we use the available facilities to fulfill your requirements and ideas.

How to prepare before a photo or film session?

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The better you’re prepared, the bigger the variety of content we will be able to produce and the more we can focus on your session. Please ask for my checklist with helpful to-dos. An excerpt you'll find here:

yes, it matters what you wear!


In general, you must feel comfortable in your outfit in order to create an authentic look. Maybe try out your favorite outfits and combos and let someone take pictures of you to select the one's who look great on images. Use as many outfits as you want during your session!

• wash and iron all clothes & riding helmets

• clean all your shoes and riding boots

think about the right session time!



• horse show cleaning package

Referred to as “the golden hour”, sunrise and sunset provide the perfect light to capture stunning portrait photos. Afternoon and mid-morning is suggested for riding pictures as these require more light in order to have no shadows on you and your horse.

• Ask for my Lucky bag approach

• ask your friends to assist you during the session

• prepare everything to get those ears up

• book riding arena in advanced

a helping hand is an advantage!


Do you have specific questions regarding your session?

If you want your horse(s) having the “stallion look” or if you plan your session with multiple horses, a helping hand can be very important. Also having someone around with a towel to clean the horses mouth every now and then can avoid post processing costs for retouching.

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