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June-November 23

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San Diego & LA

I will be available for photo and film sessions in California for the rest of the year. I am also serving other locations during this time on demand. Everything around 2 hours from Los Angeles or San Diego is within reach. Please hurry up as open slots go fast.

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Social Media Package

Designed to boost your social media account(s) to the next level with more images for social media postings and (optional) video reels. Print size images with high resolution available.
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Barn Mini Sessions

These sessions are designed to be highly cost-effective, giving everyone the opportunity for new photos of their horse.
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Print Size Packages

The Print Size Packages focus on perfectly orchestrated images with high resolution for unique digital memories. Those images can even be used for extra large wallpapers or prints.
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Reel Packages

The BASIC and the ADVANCED videography package are perfect for Instagram and TikTok reels. The PREMIUM package focuses on 4K Image Films with different types of footage, etc.
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Into the Spotlight

A special form of photo art and high-end image retouching, developed to capture the unique beauty of your horse. There is no studio setup needed and all magic happens in Photoshop.
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high end image editing

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Barns & Brands

commercial sessions

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